Spelt and broad bean soup

Puls Fabata

Spelt and broad bean soup, offered a balance between cereals and legumes and was traditionally present at their table of the ancient Romans. Spelt was the most widely used cereal in ancient Rome up until the appearance of the first wheat, today it is appreciated for its nutritional properties, as a source of vitamins and mineral salts.

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- 1x250g packet of spelt

- 1x250g packet of broad beans





BROAD BEANS INGREDIENTS: shelled dried broad beans, dehydrated onion, dehydrated parsley (contains sulphites).

May contains traces of wheat and soy.


SPELT | Average values per 100g
Energy 1536 kJ / 367 kcal; Fats 3,38 g, 1.40g saturated fatty acids; Carbohydrates 70,46 g, 5,09 g sugars; Proteins 13,71 g; Salt 0,83 mg.

BROAD BEAN | Average values per 100g
Energy 1494 kJ / 357 kcal; Fats 3 g, 1 g saturated fatty acids; Carbhydrates 51,8 g, 4,9 g sugars; Proteins 27,2 g; Salt 32 mg.


Store in a cool, dry place and away from heat and light sources.

Do not store at a temperature exceeding 15°-18°C.


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