From ancient texts to your plate.

What seemed like a dream, through time and study has become a brand that endorses food products, publications and unique events. Archeocucina has now become reality.

Flavour is a book


How did they live two thousand years ago?
Many of you may have wondered about it.
Perhaps some of you have never asked before.
But this is precisely the beauty of knowledge: to make people more and more curious.
Sometimes to learn all you have to do is something very simple: eat.

Archeo Food is a new concept of taste that revolutionizes the act of cooking, transforming it into a cultural gesture. A line of products inspired by ancient recipes, dating back thousands of years, reinterpreted in a modern way to amaze even the modern palate. The specialties, selected by means of a totally integrated process, are the result of years of study and experimentation, with great attention to the quality and authenticity of ingredients, without forgetting the importance of a healthy and balanced Mediterranean diet.

Living the Archeo Food experience means enjoying something unique not only in its taste, but also due to its long history. Food that you cannot find anywhere else but in a history book or in an ancient Roman frieze.

A creative and popular project that was born in the past, is evolving in the present, to become an icon of the future.
Because eating can be much more than just eating.


Paolo Braconi, archaeohistorian and professor of Food History at the University of Perugia, is also director of the Plinio Museum in Tuscis di San Giustino in the province of Perugia.


Marino Marini, archaeocook and restaurateur, is head of the Laboratory of History of Cooking at the University of Perugia and professor of the Università dei Sapori. He has also been a trustee of Slow Food Alta Umbria since 2014.

Our mission

The time machine that takes you back to the flavours of the past

We would like you to relive a dining experience similar to that of many centuries ago. Today we are increasingly attentive to what we eat: we document the origin of the products and feel the need to rediscover the historical dimension of nutrition, a clear invitation to reconsider foods of the past, capable of bringing value to modern cooking. Our goal is to rediscover, innovate and disseminate ancient food products that allow us to travel with taste through space and time. We want you to live the Archeo Food experience as a unique gastronomic and historical journey.