Black olive and must cream

Olea in sapa

The black olive and must cream is a particularly delicate sauce used in ancient Roman cooking. Sauces, often composed of cooked must, were a Roman specialty. Olives were above all, one of the most loved fruits.

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Black olive and must cream: 140g

INGREDIENTS: black olive cream (70% black olives, sunflower oil, salt, acidifier: citric acid (E330), lactic acid (E270), sunflower oil, cooked must (contains sulphites) 12%, ground fennel seeds.

May contain wheat.

Average values per 100g

Energy 1807 kJ / 437 kcal; Fats 41,3 g, 4,6 g saturated fatty acids; Carbohydrates 13,5 g, 10,7 g sugars; Proteins 2,4 g; Salt 1,3 g.

Store at room temperature, away from light and heat sources. Refrigerate after opening (0°C/+4°C) and consume within 4/5 days.

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